Assembly programming

In this page, all x86 assembly language stuff can be found. Some are programs, utilities and tutorials. It is up to you how effectively you use it. Enjoy coding in assembly!


Windows Assembler Programming
While I was learning Windows Programming using Charles Petzold book I tried to write them in assembly using NASM assembler. Due to the effort here are some of the programs. These programs are not optimized.


Win32 API Templates
Here are the windows api for PFE large capacity editor. It has templates for most used assemblers like NASM, MASM, TASM, SPASM and FASM. Also TextLib files for MED Text editor added.


Useful Programs
Some of the useful programs I wrote for win32 environment. All of the programs are fully developed using assembly language. Sources are also included.


My thoughts about lot of things. This section is very informative both for a beginner and an advanced user. Source code is included for all articles.

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