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All programs [ except in Sample Programs in Assembly Programming ] in this site is in copyright by Jones Henry, hereafter "author". Anyone who is downloading and using these programs is known as "user". Programs in source or binary form, resources and articles are in this license agreement.

"User" is granted to use these programs and ideas freely for personal, educational, non-commercial and commercial purposes. These programs can be modified or redistributed without any written permission. I would be glad to know if you inform me, that you are using these programs.

Some programs are derived from other language source. The original version of those programs are copyrighted by their respective authors. Some links and program names mentioned in this site are also copyrighted by their respective owners.

All the programs in the section Windows Assembler Programming (aka Sample Programs) is not under this copyright. Still the discalimer holds good for those programs.


All programs and concepts in articles are given "as is". The author is not responsible in any situation for any damage caused to the user by these programs or concepts.

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